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Here's what your LL score says about you...

Score: 0 - 20

Lion Cub

As a newcomer to the leadership landscape, you're like a lion cub born into the pride. Your inherent potential and position grant you a unique opportunity to observe, learn, and gradually develop your leadership traits. At this stage, your journey is about discovering your strengths and understanding the basics of leadership within your environment.

Score: 21-40

Young Lion

Growing from a cub to a young lion, you start to engage more with your peers and mentors. This stage is all about building relationships and earning trust within your team or community. Like a young lion learning to navigate the dynamics of the pride, your leadership is defined by your ability to connect, communicate, and foster a sense of unity among those you lead.

Score: 41-60

Hunting Lion

As you mature and gain confidence, your focus shifts towards achieving tangible results. Like a hunting lion contributing to the well-being of the pride, you demonstrate your leadership through action and success. This stage emphasizes the importance of setting goals, overcoming challenges, and delivering outcomes that benefit your team or organization.

Score: 61-80

Guardian Lion

With your achievements recognized, you now take on a role similar to that of a guardian within the pride. Your responsibility extends beyond personal success to include the growth and development of others. At this level, leadership is about empowering your team members, guiding them through challenges, and helping them realize their full potential.

Score: 81-100

Pride Leader

Like an elder lion revered for its wisdom and past leadership, you've reached a pinnacle where your influence transcends your immediate surroundings. Your visionary leadership and the legacy you're creating impact a broader spectrum, guiding the future direction and shaping the values of your organization or community. This stage is about leaving a lasting mark that will inspire future generations.

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