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Learn How the Top 1% of Entrepreneurs PERMANENTLY Stay on their A-Game!

Feel empowered, confident, inspired and unstoppable in 90 days!

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Here are only some of the Phenomenal Entrepnreus who I've helped Completely transform their working day



We will ensure you:


Develop an unshakeable mindset that will skyrocket your confidence


Give you bulletproof systems that will result in reliable consistent growth


Craft a revitalising environment so you're never low on energy


Access a network of High-Performance Entrepreneurs so you'll never struggle alone


Have complete CLARITY on your goals to maximise focus and productivity

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Your High-Performance Coach - Gurupma Singh

Gurupma, or G for short, has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to learn the good, bad and ugly of what it takes to master your mind and truly become successful.

After watching his dad struggle with the same low-paying job for years on end, G was determined to find a better way to live. This fire in his belly took him on a journey of extreme personal growth that has allowed him to impact thousands of people through online courses, in-person events, 1-1 coaching and so much more!


Every single time I speak with Gurupma, my life improves. I learn something new, and I get a deeper insight into what I’m struggling with, and it just raises my happiness. After every conversation, my life gets better.

Allan Buchan-Darroch

Founder of the Catalyst Group


G Team Academy literally took me from feeling like I was constantly running on empty to firing on all cylinders. The coaches are incredible, always there with the right word or tool exactly when you need it.

Lewis Binnie

Founder of Lewis Binnie Digital


G Team Academy is my go-to whenever I have a question about business or mindset. They have such a creative way of looking at any issues . The value they provide is above anything I've ever experienced before!

Max Loyd

Founder of the Scale Trades Online


G Team Academy has completely changed my way of living for the better. Getting out of an unscheduled, stress-filled lifestyle to completely turning it around within 2 weeks. This got me feeling 100x better about myself, my job and my family. 

Andrew Bruce

Founder of North East Roof Cleaning

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