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Introducing new productivity habits

Introducing new habits can be a daunting process, especially if you are someone who finds it hard to get out of your old ways. However, implementing small habitats into our daily routine can create amazing results. This blog will therefore give you some small habits which have been extremely helpful in making myself more productive. One thing which should be mentioned when reading about these habits is that change can take time. As humans, we may get frustrated when we don’t see instant results. However, I suggest you try your best to stick with small changes as overtime, you can achieve drastic change.

Doing Your Bed In The Morning

Doing your bed every morning, as soon as you wake up, is a great start to a productive day. A tidy room can also help to create a tidy mindset, as once you do your bed in the morning, you’re more inclined to clean other spaces of your room. A messy space can make you more stressed and you will be more likely to waste time, finding items and procrastinating. Another tip is creating your room space to include natural light.

2 Minute Rule

One small way which can help you achieve great productivity is the two-minute rule. If there is something which can take less than 2 minutes - do it straight away. This can really help you get your foot in a project or opportunity. For example, even opening your computer screen up and opening a document, or even sending a message to a friend about arranging a meet up. This can really help you save time as well as making yourself feel more productive as you can tick something off your to-do list.

2 Day Rule

The 2 day rule is the general principle that the maximum gap you should take between having a break and work is two days. This will help you keep a general momentum and prevent you from slacking as it keeps you in a general routine, helping you become more work productive.

Daily Highlight/Goal

Everyday you wake up, setting up a daily goal can really get you in the mood for productivity. Your daily highlight doesn’t have to always be productive, it can be something fun and chill. For example, your daily highlight may be to finish a book off, or to do a big grocery shop. This can help you keep on top of things.

Plan Your Day The Night Before

Planning a little to-do-list the night before or even organising what clothes or food you will need to eat the night before can really help you structure your day and can make it. This habit is especially helpful if you are somebody similar to me, if you’re indecisive as this helps you to keep you on track and keeps you time conscious.

Make Things More Accessible

Putting stuff in more accessible places can help you complete tasks easier and quicker. For example, if you keep forgetting to take daily vitamins or drink more water, keeping your tablets and water bottle somewhere more convenient and visibly accessible like a table next to your bed or cabinet you reach everyday can help you to remember.

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