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Leaders eat last -Simon Sinek


This book dissects what it truly means to be a leader. It goes in depth about why we want what we want and how to create our own 'Circle of Safety'. Simon also write about how important understanding our biology is to make us the best leader we can be.

About the author

I first found out about Simon Sinek when watching 'Impact Theory' by Tom Bilyeu and I was truly fascinated not only by what he was saying but also how he said it. He's an extremely successful author with his previous bestseller 'Start with why'.


Overall the content itself is extremely interesting and unlike a lot of books it's actually useful too. Often I find myself forcing myself to read a certain amount and pushing myself to read more but with this book I was so engaged I would it for hours. Some of the chapters included are 'belonging', 'friendships matter' and one of my favourites 'lead the people, not the numbers'. It genuinely surprised me of how in depth the book went in certain areas while still managing to cover so many different areas of not just leadership lessons but also general life lessons too. One thing I did notice however is towards the end I was beginning to find certain examples/phrases a tiny bit repetitive which in the long run is probably best for my memory.


This book doesn't directly ask you to carry out specific tasks like many others, instead the book has quite a suggestive tone. By this I mean it gives you information on a specific example, tells you why the actions of the people or company was so significant and then allows you to draw your own conclusions.

Key learning point

For you to perform at your best you must be comfortable with the people who are around you (creating a 'circle of safety').

Even better if

I think it would be extremely beneficial if the book offered support on how you can implement the lessons learned in our own lives.

Overall Rating = 9/10

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