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The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Updated: Apr 5, 2019


This book unlike most of the books that I read is a fiction book which is ”a fable about following your dream”. The book follows a young boy on a pursuit of his dream where he faces many different challenges which he must overcome.

About the author

This book is written about Paulo Coelho who has a very unique childhood. I was shocked to find out that when Paulo was young he was committed to an asylum by his parents 3 times! Then it was at the age of 38 in which he had a ‘spiritual awakening‘ and his life changed around. ‘The Alchemist‘ was his second book and by far the most successful one he’s ever written with over 65 million copies sold!


As I mentioned before this book is a fable and for me it’s the perfect micture of great story telling and inspiration. The book is quite short (roughly 150 pages) and didn’t take too long to read but manages to take the reader on a journey that they will never forget. The story itself is about a young boy who on a journey to find a treasure but on his way encounters the alchemist.


This book is not a normal personal development book in which it directly asks the reader questions however it does do a great job at making the reader ask themselves important questions about their own life.

Key learning point

Following a dream and failing is better than never following it at all.

Even better if

As someone who very rarely reads fiction I was extremely impressed with this book and personally couldn’t fault it.

Overall Rating = 10/10

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