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The Brain Box - David Hodgson & Tim Benton

Updated: Mar 10, 2019


This book claims to be ‘the essential guide to success at school and college‘ and is clearly aimed towards students. In the book it says readers are most likely to be reading this at ages 15-21 and as true as that might be, I would recommend reading this as early as 13. The book coveres a range of stuff not just related to school but also on how to deal with yourself and how to find your place in the world.

About the author(s):

This book was written by Tim Benton and David Hodgson. Tim is a trainer and educator who has helped people all around the world and David who is a motivator for young people. I was lucky enough to meet David when I was taking part in a summer school where I received the book for free. At the summer school David did a talk for around 1 hour which was filled with funny moments and a lot of key learning points. He had a very unique and effective way of teaching me new things and it’s clear that he applied these skills in the book too.


This book has 6 chapters filled with interesting facts and quotes. The main theme is learning and different ways to do it but the writers also talk about how to approach certain situations to make the most of them. One of my favourite things is the ’mini brain upgrades‘ when you’re normally asked to fill in part of the book with your own ideas or maybe to apply the same situation to your own life. This was extremely useful in making the book apply to the readers life and made the content have a lot more meaning.


The best part about this whole book is the humour. Even though the book has a ton of spaces where it asks you to write and repeatedly asks rhetorical questions, it was the honour which made me want to continue reading the book. The writers did a great job on making it an enjoyable book to read while still learning a lot of useful information.

Key learning point:

Understanding how your brain works is key to learning.

Even better if:

I honestly found it extremely difficult to fault this book however the only the I personally would have preferred is if the layout of the pages was a little bit more formal. I understand that this book is more aimed for slightly younger students and majoroty of the time it made the book more fun to read but I’m more used to a formal layout.

Overall Rating = 10/10

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